Aaron Sherber is a conductor living in Baltimore, Maryland, and the former music director of the Martha Graham Dance Company. He gets his batons from Guivier, he prefers Finale to Sibelius despite its shortcomings, and he is an avid Yankees fan. In his spare time, he enjoys coding in C# and PowerShell.

Aaron and his wife Jodi have two children, Jacob and Rebecca.

The photo which serves as the banner for this blog shows the opening bars (and part of a following page) of Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring, the ballet he wrote for Martha Graham. This particular copy of the score, an ozalid of Copland’s holograph, was likely the one used at the work’s premiere in 1944 and has been used by the Graham Company ever since.

The name of the blog comes from a passage in Martha Graham’s autobiography, Blood Memory:

In all of us who perform there is an awareness of the smile which is part of the equipment, or gift, of the acrobat. We have all walked the high wire of circumstance at times. We recognize the gravity pull of the earth as he does. The smile is there because he is practicing living at that instant of danger. He does not choose to fall.

At times I fear walking that tightrope. I fear the venture into the unknown. But that is part of the act of creating and the act of performing.